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Welcome to our online extended data storage unit conversion calculator. It is the best place where you can make conversions between a great number of various data units like byte, kilobyte, megabyte, terabyte, petabyte, and many others, as well as make a number of conversions between data transfer rate units. We both calculate decimal and binary multiples of bytes, and our data storage unit converter is very easy to use. To start your specific conversion operation, please, select a unit below and go to the corresponding conversion page at our website.

Bytes (B)

Convert bytes.
Byte is the base unit of data.
1 byte = 8 bits.

Kilobytes (KB)

Convert kilobytes.
1 Kilobyte = 10001 bytes in SI
1 Kilobyte = 10241 = 210 bytes in binary

Megabytes (MB)

Convert megabytes.
1 Megabyte = 10002 bytes in SI
1 Megabyte = 10242 = 220 bytes in binary

Data Transfer Rate

Convert data transfer rate units.
Gbps, Mbps, kbps, MB/s, kB/s.

Gigabytes (GB)

Convert gigabytes.
1 Gigabyte = 10003 bytes in SI
1 gigabyte = 10243 = 230 bytes in binary

Terabytes (TB)

Convert terabytes.
1 Terabyte = 10004 bytes in SI
1 Terabyte = 10244 = 240 bytes in binary

Petabytes (PB)

Convert petabytes.
1 Petabyte = 10005 bytes in SI
1 Petabyte = 10245 = 250 bytes in binary

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