Which is more, GB or TB

Which is more, 1.5 GB or 1024 MB?

1.5 GB is equal to 1500 MB in decimal and 1.536 MB in binary.  As you can see, 1.5 GB is more than 1024 MB.

Which is bigger, GB or TB?

There are 1000 GB in a TB, so it means TB is bigger than GB. And also means much more space. You can also say that Terabyte (TB) is thousand times bigger than Gigabyte (GB).

Which is bigger, TB or PB?

1 PB (Petabyte) is equal to 1,000,000 GB (Gigabyte) in base 10 and 1,048,576 GB in base 2.

It also means that there are 1,000,000 GB in a PB in decimal or 1,048,576 GB in binary system. So Petabyte (PB) is much more bigger than a Gigabyte (GB).