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Which is bigger, MB, GB, or TB?

A megabyte is a unit of digital information commonly used in computer technology. One megabyte equals one million bytes of information or one thousand kilobytes of information.

A Gigabyte is mostly used in computer storage devices such as hard drive and USB flash drive etc. A gigabyte is equivalent to one billion bytes of information or one million kilobytes of information. 

A terabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information, equals to one million million bytes of information or one million megabytes of information. 

As you can see, a Terabyte is 1,000,000 times bigger than a Megabyte or 1000 times bigger than a Gigabyte. 

Which is bigger TB or PB?

* 1 Bit: Has only one of two values either a 0 or 1. 

* 1 Byte: One of the smallest units of memory in computer technology. One byte consists of 8 bits.

* 1 Kilobyte: Another measurement unit of digital information. There are a thousand bytes in one kilobyte.

* 1 Megabyte: Mostly used for indicating the size of average MP3 songs or JPEG images. One megabyte equals one thousand kilobytes.

* 1 Gigabyte: Commonly used for indicating the size of a movie. One gigabyte consists of one thousand megabytes.

* 1 Terabyte: Mostly used for measuring the storage capacity of hard drives. One terabyte is equivalent to one thousand gigabytes.

* 1 Petabyte: Commonly used for measuring the total data stored in server farms. One petabyte consists of one thousand terabytes.

Finally, we can say that a Petabyte is one thousand times bigger than a Terabyte.

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