What are the smallest units of storage in a computer

Bit is a measurement unit of digital information that has only one of these values, 0 or 1. And it is shortened from the words “binary digit”. Bit is the smallest unit of data in computer. And 1 bit equals to 0.125 Bytes.

Byte is the basic unit of information in digital technology. It is also the most common unit of storage and one of the smallest units of memory in computer. 1 byte consists of 8 bits and it also means 1 bit is 1/8 bytes.

For example, if you buy the movie “Mission Impossible Rogue Nation” on Microsoft Store, it comes with these options: 7.56 GB (1080p HD), 4.02 GB (720p HD), 2.26 GB (SD).

And if you use our tool to convert gigabytes to bytes and bits, you get these:

7.56 GB = 8.117.488.189,44 Bytes = 64.939.905.515,52 bits

4.02 GB = Bytes = bits

2.26 GB = Bytes = bits